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Yunfu Duan


Yunfu Duan is an enthusiastic filmmaker whose passion for the craft is evident in every frame he captures. With a background spanning over 5 years in video production, His relentless pursuit of improvement still remains unwavering, a trait clearly evident in his remarkable journey. Having embarked on a transformative path, he moved from China to The Netherlands at the age of 21. Amidst this transition, he not only successfully pursued a self-taught journey into filmmaking but also managed to excel in his studies, culminating in the completion of his Communication Science major at the University of Amsterdam.


His filmmaking experience extends globally, having catered to a diverse range of international clients. Fluent in English, with a command almost native-like, he also boasts proficiency in his native Chinese and holds conversational abilities in Dutch and French. Yunfu's multicultural fluency reflects in his work, enhancing his ability to tell compelling stories that resonate across borders.

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